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SEIL, S.A. DE C.V. Humberto Hinojosa No. 683 Colonia La Salle C.P. 25240 
SEIL RENTALS, S.A. DE C.V. Laguna de Mayran No. 1197 Colonia La Salle C.P. 25240 
SEIL EQUIPMENT, S.A. DE C.V. Humberto Hinojosa No. 683 Colonia La Salle C.P. 25240 
Capitol City Saltillo, Coahuila, is responsible for collecting your personal data, its use and its protection.
How to reach us: 
Privacy Office: C.P. José Hernández Hernández 
Address: Laguna de Tamiahula 1199, col. La Salle, Saltillo Coahuila. 
Telephone: (844) 416-5915

Your personal information will be used for the following purposes: when making a quote, a purchase contract, a sales contract, a rental contract, etc. for invoicing purposes, to exercise legal and extrajudicial actions if needed to make certain that the rights and obligations that the contractual parties agreed to are met. To analyze the assets and financial data with respect to the legal contract agreement with the COMPANY and any other necessary documentation for the finalization of a purchase, a sale, a rental or a maintenance contract, quote or advice in general or any service that is requested by the CLIENT.

For the purposes indicated in this notice, we may collect your personal data by different means: when you provide it directly; when you visit our website, or use our services online, and when we obtain information from other sources that are permitted by law.

We collect your personal data directly when you provide it to us through various means, such as, when you participate in one of our promotions or when you solicit a service from us. The data we obtain can be, among others, full name, landline and / or cell phone, email, date and place of birth, marital status, occupation, RFC, CURP, Facebook ID, Twitter; and any information that may be considered sensitive under Federal Law as stated in the Personal Data Protection Act held by Individuals, their legal status, such as criminal records.

You have the right to access, change and repeal your personal data, as well as object to the gathering of said information, or to revoke the consent for which it had been granted to us through the procedures that we have implemented. To familiarize yourself with our procedures, requirements and deadlines, you can contact our department of personal data at the company's home office with C.P.A. José Hernández Hernández (844) 416-5915 or E-mail us at

Also, be advised that your personal data may be transferred, shared and / or administered within the country by persons other than in this company with third parties who, at the request of the COMPANY, carry out a legal audit, accounting order or any other order that requires personal data to be shared. If you do not disagree to your personal data being transferred and shared, it will be assumed and understood that you have given your expressed consent to do so.
Be advised that to comply with the purposes set forth in this privacy notice, sensitive personal data, such as those relating to your state of health and legal situation, will be collected and processed.

We pledge that all data will be treated in the strictest of confidence and security measures are in place to guarantee their confidentiality.

In accordance with Privacy Law, Article 9, we require your expressed consent to the gathering and administration of your sensitive personal data, so we ask you to indicate whether you accept these conditions by checking the box below:

? I consent to my sensitive personal data being gathered, transferred, shared and / or administered in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy notice.

We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time because of new legislation, internal policies or new provisional requirements in the offering of our services and / or products.

These modifications will be made available to the public through the following means: (i) visible advertisements in our establishments or customer service centers; (ii) leaflets or brochures available at our establishments or customer service centers; (iii) on our website [privacy notice section]; (iv) or we will send them to the last email you have provided.

If you believe that your rights to the protection of your personal data have been jeopardized by the conduct of our employees or our actions or responses, assume that in the processing of your personal data there is a violation under the provisions of the Federal Protection Act for Personal Data held by Individuals, you may file a complaint with the IFAI. For more information visit

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